A Sophisticated Society of Elegance

"Elegance is an art of the heart and the body."

What if you could enjoy a delightful time with stylish individuals while refining yourself?

Salon Elegance de Cecilia is a gathering of fashionable people who simply want to have a splendid time and enhance their elegance.

Established as a sister salon of The InterCultural Protocol Academy of Japan (ICPA), the only international protocol academy in Japan, Salon Elegance de Cecilia provides a venue for elegant socialising with individuals who appreciate sophistication.

We offer lessons in elegance, fabulous and enjoyable events, and luxurious cultural tours, primarily designed for those who wish to experience the pleasures of refinement.

If you desire to immerse yourself in a wonderful social setting, we look forward to welcoming you!

For information on the operating company’s business, please click here to visit our parent organisation, The InterCultural Protocol Academy of Japan (ICPA).

Meet The Team

Mari Cecilia Murata

Founder and Director

UK accredited international specialist

Head Organiser of Salon Elegance de Cecilia

President, ICPA Int’l Protocol K.K.
Founding Director, The InterCultural Protocol Academy of Japan
Head Director, International Protocol Accreditation Association
Chairman, Royal Elegance Club

Elegance Producer
International Social Etiquette Instructor
Certified International Protocol Expert

Lessons in international social etiquette and participation in refined social circles enhance the grace of ladies and gentlemen, elevating you to the status of sophisticated celebrities.

Salon Elegance de Cecilia is crafted as a fusion of a finishing school for polished ladies and gentlemen and an esteemed social club, offering sophistication and elegance alongside esteemed peers from across the globe.

In unison with its members who share a passion for elegance, it is committed to fostering an elegant social community.

We eagerly anticipate welcoming all those inspired by the notion of refined grace.

Born in the Yamanote area of the cosmopolitan city of Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture, she comes from an elite family. She grew up in a family with a thorough Western education based on Catholic teachings. She received compulsory education, Sunday school at a parochial school, private tuition and moral education, and lived in Thailand during her primary school years due to her father’s work.

She gained a full itinerary management qualification, studied culture and history on overseas tours as a tour guide, studied international business and writing in Canada, found employment in London, UK and worked for a travel agency studying culture and history. She also made her debut as a semi-professional ballroom dancer while managing an Australian company in Tokyo.

At Minding Manners, a finishing school in London, UK, she gained professional qualifications such as ‘International Social Etiquette Specialist’ and ‘International Business Cross Culture Specialist’, becoming an expert in international protocol. At the same time she completed the Japan Protocol Association Instructor Training Course. She founded the International Cross Culture® Protocol Academy Tokyo, a comprehensive international skills training school with international accreditation. The school is accredited by the VIP protocol organisation Leading Etiquette and Protocol Schools of the World as the representative of Japan and becomes the only internationally accredited school in Japan, later changing its name to The InterCultural Protocol Academy of Japan.

Salon Elegance de Cecilia, a social salon specialising in the cultivation of refinement and hosting luxurious events, was established for those aspiring to attain celebrity status and for individuals wishing to enhance their elegance. It imparts world-class etiquette based on accredited courses from the UK and organises sophisticated events and tours for inspired members.

World Elegance Partners

William Hanson

The English Manner

“If you are ever unsure about whether something is correct or not, then my golden rule is: ‘if in doubt, don’t’.”

Elizabeth Ahn

Glorize Consulting

Etiquette is a little extra that makes everything extraordinary. Some may say that small things cannot change anything, but in my experience, what changes people’s minds and the world is a little extra that you can offer.

Paul Tupy

Founder Imperial Tours & Events

“In Europe’s history, politics and culture have always been linked together, with Vienna being the heart where momentous decisions were made by sovereigns. Since then, the art of connecting business and social events has become a vital part of Austria’s identity, with us being profound experts in this tradition. “

Matthias Urrisk

Founder Imperial Tours & Events

“Let’s start a journey back to our cultural and social roots and explore the similarities we share. Learn from us about the important characteristics of European social events. We will help you to avoid pitfalls and prepare you for societal stages to ensure your personal success. ”