Elegance Academy of Cecilia

Noble Elegance Etiquette and Elegance Dance (Ballroom Dance)) lessons by Mari Cecilia

A premier finishing lessons and social salon for celebrities, ladies and gentlemen debuting into high society

Elegance Lessons and Events with Mari Cecilia

Private lessons in the finest courses in elegance social etiquette and protocol from the British finishing schools to polish your elegance.

Elegance Social Dance Private Lessons, a top-end course to further refine your elegant demeanour.

High-end events, sophisticated cultural social gatherings and royal British and European aristocratic cultural experience tours with graceful members and noble experiences.

Join me at the elegant social world

Enrich your life with high end social world elegance manners with celebrity experiences and learning

Are you looking for something extraordinary to experience, something new, sophisticated and beautiful to improve yourself, something elegant and brilliant?

At The Academy of Elegance, a finishing school where you can learn the elegant manners and elegant dance of celebrity socialites, taught at Minding Manners, a UK finishing school, you can fulfil your sweetest dreams.

By joining the The Academy of Elegance you will be able to experience a sophisticated social setting, wear elegant dresses, spend time with elegant people in a beautiful chandelier-lit ballroom, hone your elegance, enjoy a journey of learning about the culture of celebrity European aristocracy and royalty, elevate yourself for a beautiful everyday life, and As a result, you will be able to refine your life more beautifully.

The Academy of Elegance is a members-only academy and social world where members learn social world etiquette, royal protocol and fine ballroom dancing to enhance their celebrity elegance, develop graceful behaviour and enrich their lives. Our services of elegance are designed for the affluent and discerning high-end connoisseur in Japan, China, Korea, Britain, Europe, America and all around the world.

You can learn both graceful ballroom dancing and elegant etiquette for elegance from a British-accredited international etiquette and protocol specialist.

Partnerships with former members of the British Royal Family and former Austrian nobility also provide a European royal experience.

Experience celebrity learning and socialising in a unique and sophisticated graceful elegant community.

Mari Cecilia

Academy Director 

Elegance Producer

Polishing beauty, elegance, and grace like celebrities

Polishing your etiquette and culture as a lady and gentleman with English-style ballroom dancing lessons.

Elegant finishing touches and a celebrity lifestyle

Enriching minds and lives by integrating arts and culture into everyday life.

Joining elegant celebrity social world

Engaging with classy peers to develop values and sense of style.

Elegant Celebrity Society

The Membership of Royal Elegance Club

Learn like a celebrity in an elegant social environment. Experience the pleasure of an elegant fellowship.

The Members of Elegance


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