Refine your elegance and become part of a noble social circle

Elegance, refinement and sophistication are the key to your everyday life and we offer a personalised service tailored to your needs.

Services are designed for high society members, the wealthy, the high-end, the culturally aware and the conscious.

You can improve your elegance in the various classes, enjoy elegant events in the Social Club or even go on a royal tour of Europe or the UK with a group of friends. And if you are serious about learning, come to our sister school, ICPA.

Elegant experiences you will cherish

5 Star Royal Elegance Social World Etiquette

For those who wish to learn to behave in a beautiful and elegant manner. Elegance is further refined through social world etiquette etiquette.

The Academy of Elegance is a cultural academy affiliated with The InterCultural Protocol Academy of Japan, the only internationally accredited school in Japan that teaches formal international etiquette and protocol.

Enhance your elegance and are practical courses that have been narrowed down from the elegant behaviour sections of the ICPA’s International Etiquette Programme.

  • Touch of Sophisticated Elegance
  • Touch of  Graceful Celebrity
  • Touch of Dignified Royal

Royal Elegance Dance

Elegance Dance is an English style ballroom dance class designed to develop an elegant demeanour as a member of the social world.

Ballroom dancing is a very effective and efficient way of learning how to behave as a lady or gentleman.

You can learn the basics and all types in a structured curriculum.

Elegance Dances and etiquette for your special day

As well as choreographing wedding dances and teaching western wedding etiquette, we can also provide dress hire, negotiate venues and arrange staging.

We offer a fully private plan where the package is tailored to your needs.

Experience Western Royal Culture

Royal Social World Debut in Vienna

Complete package for your social debut in Vienna.

Learn about Viennese dancing etiquette, protocol, music and culture and experience the glamour of attending a Viennese ball.

Together with a local partner, we will take you on a completely private tour of the area.

British Royal Cultural Journey

Royal cultural tours led by former officials of the Royal Family



Most frequent questions and answers

To reserve a trial lesson, please submit the form HERE

Elegance Dance is English-style ballroom dancing with the express purpose of elegant behaviour.

Basic training is essential to dance as a lady or gentleman.

Men escort women elegantly and women behave elegantly and beautifully.

Ballroom dancing is the best way to learn how to have a beautiful body, develop sensitivity, compassion and behaviour, and enjoy yourself while beautifying your body and mind.

With 14 different types of ballroom dancing you will never grow tired of it and it usually takes several years to reach the advanced level.

Instructors are qualified dance teachers with teaching qualifications and experienced teachers with international protocol specialist qualifications.

The Academy of Elegance is distinguished by its concept: to create and preserve a beautiful place.

Introductory: Rumba, Mambo, Blues, Jilba
Beginners: Waltz, Tango, Rumba, Cha-Cha-Cha.
Intermediate to Advanced: in addition to the above, Quickstep, Slow Foxtrot, Winnawaltz, Samba, Paso Doble, Jive.

The academy only offers private lessons.

Group lessons are only possible according to the student’s plan. If you wish, we can arrange an instructor for you.

The Academy of Elegance’s social etiquette programme is a UK-accredited programme of international social etiquette courses.

The Academy of Elegance’s social etiquette programme is a UK-accredited programme of international social etiquette courses, designed to improve your taste for elegance and to help you develop the graceful and noble behaviour of a celebrity and enjoy life to the full.

The Academy of Elegance’s parent school, The InterCultural Protocol Academy of Japan – ICPA, is an internationally accredited, full-fledged protocol school specialising in the teaching of British style and other world-leading protocol. Some of its courses are customised for The Academy of Elegance’s Elegance lessons.

Admission fee: 24,000 
Withdrawal fee: 10,000

Annual fee: 24,000 – 120,000 (for regular packages and club membership)

Coupon tickets (dance and etiquette): 160,000 / 20 sessions

For various elegance courses, see the services page.

The Academy of Elegance is aimed at those who are aware, well-mannered and prefer the concept of elegance and nobility.

It is suitable for:.

People who want to be conscious, self-disciplined and elegant.
Those who wish to acquire celebrity propriety.
Classy people

*Any gender, race, religion or age.

Not suitable for…

People who want to learn competitive dancing
People who don’t care about manners.
Not interested in stylish living and beauty.
People who lack social skills and good manners.

Who can join:.

Those who have been introduced by a member and have passed a background check.
If you are not referred by a member, you must have had a trial lesson and interview and passed our background check.
Those who are judged to have good social sense and good manners.
For those who are new to dancing. For those who want to improve their elegance. For those who wish to dance at their wedding.

Persons who are unable to attend.

People whose identity is unknown.
Those who lack common sense and good manners.
Certain people in the industry
People in the same profession
Students attending another school
Those considered to have the potential to be a potential recruiter
Those who do not agree with the rules and regulations
Those deemed to be detrimental to the concept of Elegance.

Please see the other terms and conditions.

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