Refine your elegance and become part of the elegant social salon

Elegance, refinement and sophistication are the key to your everyday life and we offer a personalised service tailored to your needs.

The salon’s services are tailored to enthrall the exclusive, the culturally aware, and those seeking to enrich their lives with luxurious experiences.

You can improve your elegance in the various classes, enjoy elegant events in the Social Club or even go on a royal tour of Europe or the UK with a group of friends. And if you are serious about learning, come to our sister school, ICPA.

Elegant experiences you will cherish

5 Star Royal Elegance Social World Etiquette Lessons

For those who wish to learn to behave in a beautiful and elegant manner. Elegance is further refined through social world etiquette etiquette.

Royal Elegance Dance Lessons for Beginners

Elegance Dance is an English style ballroom dance class designed to develop an elegant demeanour as a member of the social world.

Experience Western Royal Culture

British Royal Cultural Journey

Royal cultural tours led by former officials of the Royal Family

Ms Alexandra Messervy, The Cultural Concierge, a former employee of the Queen, will take you on a royal cultural tour of the UK. This is a safe and private trip to the UK and is a great way to experience British high society. It will be a late and special trip, including time to dine with the Royal Ascots and the upper classes.

Royal Social World Debut in Vienna

We invite you to join us on our ‘Friends and Cultural Experiences’ trip, organised in collaboration with Imperial Tours & Events.

The content of this small-group, completely private aristocratic experience will allow you to experience Austrian culture and enjoy the culture of the high nobility.

Do not miss this once-a-year opportunity!


Most frequent questions and answers

The lessons in social etiquette and elegance are designed to help you develop a sense of elegance, learn to behave with the grace and nobility of a celebrity, and enjoy life to the fullest.

Developing elegance will enrich your life and make you feel happy every day.

The Intercultural Protocol Academy of Japan (ICPA), the parent organisation of our salon, is an internationally accredited, full-fledged protocol school specialising in teaching international protocol.

Amongst these, social etiquette has been adapted for the refinement of elegance and designed to help you become a polished lady or gentleman.

From elegant dining etiquette, dressing, behaviour, ladies’ and gentlemen’s manners to noble protocol, you can easily learn these skills at an event or comprehensively in a course.

You will also receive certificates in ‘Elegance’, ‘Celebrity’, and ‘Royal’.

If you want to take your learning more seriously and become an instructor, the ICPA programme is a great option.

Elegance dancing is an English-style ballroom dance aimed at elegant behaviour.

Men escort women elegantly, and women behave elegantly and beautifully.

As part of social etiquette, ballroom dancing is a way of learning to develop a beautiful body, sensitivity, compassion, and behaviour, and to beautify the body and mind while having fun.

The salon teaches ballroom dancing to beginners who would like to dance just for fun, with the aim of developing elegant behaviour.

This class is for beginners only.

The Salon Elegance de Cecilia organises special cultural tours of European aristocracy. These luxury tours are complete with all the services of a first-class and private service.

With a private car and a personal interpreter-guide, you will experience the aristocracy and culture of the region and spend a meaningful time in the company of a small group of friends.

Some of the activities include royal lessons, music, and art appreciation followed by a dialogue, where you can learn while indulging your five senses.

Before departure, etiquette lessons are also held to teach you how to behave locally.

The tours are held once a year, around June, in small groups of 6 to 10 people. Please register one year in advance.

Salon Elegance d’Elegance de Cecilia is for those who want to experience elegance, acquire elegance, meet and mingle with nice people, and gain new opportunities.

You can attend for private or business purposes.

The events are designed to take the experience up a notch and allow participants to enjoy the elegance and pleasure of the occasion.

Even if you are not confident in your manners, lessons will help. Members are tolerant and welcoming to new members, and you will quickly get to know each other.

For those who want to learn, event lessons are also available for those who want to learn in an informal way, and a comprehensive learning course is also available. For serious learning, we can introduce you to the ICPA programme at our alma mater.