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Create an elegant and beautiful community with us?

Welcome, classy ladies and gentlemen!

Would you like to engage in something novel, splendid, and thrilling?

Join Salon Elegance de Cecilia.

Salon Elegance de Cecilia is a modern yet classical social salon.

The concept is to foster elegant, graceful, and intellectual social interactions through learning etiquette and engaging with culture and the arts.

We welcome members from all over the world who are elegant and graceful, intelligent and cultured, and who wish to enter elegant social circles.

For potential sponsors and patrons

Salon Elegance de Cecilia is operated by ICPA International Protocol Co. The ICPA Group operates the International Protocol Academy and the International Protocol Certification Association, as well as Salon Elegance de Cecilia, under the concept of ‘Connecting People to the World’. It is a niche market in Japan, providing support to those in need. The ICPA Group operates a social salon, the International Protocol Academy, and the International Protocol Accreditation Association.

We would like to request support from individuals and corporations interested in endorsing this innovative endeavour.

We are seeking sponsors who would like to support the activities of Mari Cecilia Murata personally or sponsor the group as a whole.

Your support will be utilised to fund our activities and cover the operational costs of our events.

We will offer a special gift to those who provide us with support.

What we do

Enjoy socialising and foster modern elegant culture

Wine parties, dinners, tea parties, study groups, cultural meetings, dance parties, music appreciation, painting appreciation balls and other events

A variety of beautiful events, sharing culture, enjoying elegant socialising and sharing a great time together with our awareness members.

Members organise cultural events together, share graceful and elegant moments, improve their culture, and enjoy socialising.

Together we create a beautiful culture.

Savour the delights of cultural journey

Organised exclusively for us around June each year, the Friends and Nobility Cultural Journeys offer tours to England or Austria. The British Royal Cultural Experience, including Royal Ascot, or the Austrian Aristocratic Experience tour, is a completely private and prestigious journey tailored for a small group of friends.

Take pleasure in self-improvement

Enjoy the refinement of self-polishing. Learn culture and social etiquette, apply them in social settings, and become a distinguished gentleman or lady who is admired for their elegance.

Contemporary, Stylish, and welcoming society

A fresh culture, forged by members

Members collaborate to establish a contemporary, enjoyable, and sophisticated community that aligns with the notion.

For serious learners and corporations

Programmes at our parent school – The InterCultural Protocol Academy of Japan-ICPA

The parent school, The InterCultural Protocol Academy of Japan-ICPA, is the only internationally accredited school in Japan. It is a school specialising in international protocol, working with the world’s leading professionals to provide comprehensive instruction in global communication skills, with a focus on international protocol, and issuing certificates and qualifications. Students can seriously study international etiquette, protocol and English, or obtain a teacher qualification.

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Basic membership
¥ 24
000 Per Year
  • 1 Account at SEC
  • Access to SEC events
  • Enjoy SEC members social site
  • Your own profile on SEC
  • Access to SEC lessons


Double membership
¥ 36
000 Per Year
  • Accounts at SEC and ICPA
  • Access to all events at SEC and ICPA
  • Enjoy SEC and ICPA members social site
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  • Access to SEC and ICPA lessons


Premium membership
¥ 120
000 Per Year
  • All Accounts at the whole Group
  • Access to all events
  • Enjoy all members social site
  • Organise and create your own events directly on SEC website
  • Receive premium celebrity badge
  • Your own profile with your membership class
  • Prior access to lessons
  • Invited to premium events
  • Premium seat at event
  • Premium meal at event

Sponsoring Donation

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to each of you for your kind and generous contributions. The donations received will be utilised to enhance our services of Elegance Salon de Cecilia and ICPA, and cover the costs of organising our events. 

-Mari Cecilia Murata


Standard Individual donation
¥ 10
000 Per Donation
  • Recognised as a sponsor
  • Personal promotion and announcements
  • Receive Noble badges


Gold Individual donation
¥ 30
000 Per Donation
  • Recognised as a sponsor
  • Personal promotion and event announcements
  • Receive Noble badges
  • Gift access to an e-learning course
  • Free one hour elegance consultation


Exclusive sponsorship (VIP)
¥ 500
000 Per Donation
  • Recognised as a exclusive sponsor
  • Personal/ group promotion and announcements
  • Receive Royal badges
  • Invited to VIP table at all events
  • Name and logo on our website and brochures
  • Have a profile page to promote your services
  • Receive gifts from us
  • Access to video courses of SEC and ICPA for free of charge
  • Special discount on lessons of SEC and ICPA


Corporate sponsorship (VIP)
¥ 3.000
000 Per Donation
  • Special corporate partnership
  • Recognised as a VIP corporate sponsor
  • Corporate promotion and announcements
  • Receive corporate sponsor badges
  • VIP tickets to all events
  • Invited to the top VIP table at all events
  • Logos on our website and brochures
  • Introduce clients to your services
  • Have a corporate profile page to promote your services
  • Receive special gifts from us
  • Access to video courses of SEC and ICPA for free of charge
  • Special discount on lessons of SEC and ICPA
  • Special discount on corporate training at ICPA

Get your tickets

Join as a member and purchase a series of tickets for lessons and events. Members can attend lessons and events by submitting tickets and paying the actual costs.


20 ticket
¥ 200
000 3 months
  • Use for lessons
  • Enjoy students' social group
  • 3 hour complimentary online consulting


50 Tickets
¥ 445
000 6 months
  • Use for all lessons
  • Enjoy students' social group
  • 6 hours complimentary online consulting


100 Tickets
¥ 790
000 12 months
  • Use for all lessons
  • Enjoy students' social group
  • 10 hours complimentary online consulting
Best Price



Salon Elegance de Cecilia is a social club where people enjoy socialising through culture and the arts, sharing elegant values and creating a prosperous future in a beautiful and sophisticated community.

Experience an elegant and extraordinary perspective of the world at our refined and sophisticated events.

We arrange a variety of cultural and elegant events, including wine, tea, dance, food, music, dinners, and balls. Additionally, we offer exclusive private tours to Europe.

This is a members-only social club that requires introductions. If you do not know any members, you can join after attending an event and gaining approval from the organisers.

If you are seeking something delightful, stylish, and refined to engage in, we eagerly await your visit along with your friends!

Application fee: 24,000 Resignation fee: 10,000

*The application fee is waived with the purchase of a ticket.

Join us now and enjoy!

Decorate your life with beauty, nobility and elegance.