The Royal Elegance Salon

The Royal Elegance Salon is a modern, classical, international social salon with a membership for learning and socialising, with the Academy of Elegance and the students of our ICPA as core members.

The concept of the Royal Elegance Salon is to foster elegant, graceful and intellectual socialising through culture and the arts.

The term ‘salon’ originally referred to social gatherings held in the residences of the court and aristocracy. It was a place where the hostess (often the hostess) invited cultural figures, scholars and writers to enjoy intellectual conversation.

The Royal Elegance Salon welcomes people from all over the world who are elegant and graceful, intelligent and cultured, and who wish to enter elegant social circles.

What we do

The pleasures of social

Wine parties, dinners, tea parties, study groups, cultural meetings, dance parties, music appreciation, painting appreciation balls and other events

A variety of beautiful events, sharing culture, enjoying elegant socialising and sharing a great time together with our awareness members.

Savour the delights of culture

Elegant dance, art, music and other cultural activities

Members organise cultural events together, share graceful and elegant moments, improve their culture, and enjoy socialising.

Together we create a beautiful culture.

Make the most of your learning

Shine on stage with your ICPA and Elegance Academy skills

From ICPA, students learn international etiquette and protocol, practising and competing in speeches, papers, English speaking and event organisation.

From The Elegance Academy, a stage performance of dance and deportment that will be rewarded.

Elegant, high quality social gatherings

The quality of a society depends on the quality of its members.

A high quality social community where members are carefully selected through an introduction and approval based membership system to create high quality connections.

Members cooperate in creating a quality community



Royal Elegance Salon is an international social club where members enjoy socialising through culture and the arts and create a prosperous future by sharing elegant values in a beautiful and sophisticated community.

Dress up and enjoy an elegant and extraordinary view of the world at our sophisticated and elegant events.

We hold all kinds of cultural and elegant events, including wine, tea, dancing, food, music, dinners and balls.

This is a members-only social club that requires a membership by referral only. If you are not acquainted with a member, you can join after attending an event, booking a meeting with the Chairman and approval from the organisers.

Membership is mandatory for students of The Academy of Elegance and ICPA. Members grow the Royal Elegance Club together with their elegance.

We look forward to welcoming you to our events, like-minded, fashionable, dignified and graceful friends!

Membership Benefits:.

Recognition as a member of the Royal Elegance Club.
Receive badges and ranks according to membership type and achievement.
Organisation of prestigious events.

Membership Commitments:

As a member of the Royal Elegance Club, you will help to decorate the Club in an elegant manner and work together to develop it into a high quality association.
Organise events, introduce members, train new members, etc.

Application fee: 24,000 Resignation fee: 10,000 ( in conjunction with Academy)

Elegance: 24,000/year 
Celebrity: 120,000/year
Royal (VIP sponsor): 500,000/share

Graceful and elegant salon

Decorate your meetings with beauty, nobility and elegance.


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