Salon Élégance de Cecilia

Elegant social club offering sophisticated gatherings and opportunities to refine your elegance

Enter the elegant social world

Enrich your life with high end social world elegance manners with stylish experiences

Enrich your life through refined social events.

Derived from the rich tapestry of the French language, the term ‘salon’ historically embodies assembly and sanctuary. Traditionally, it served as a social haven where high society engaged in discussions about art, culture, and politics, fostering meaningful social interactions.

Salon Elegance de Cecilia offers a unique opportunity to spend time with Marie Cecilia, the gracious hostess, and her esteemed companions.

Within this community, you can cultivate elegance through informative lessons, communal dining and study sessions, as well as embark on a journey into the customs and traditions of European aristocracy for a moment of sophistication and refinement.

At Salon Elegance de Cecilia, you can acquire refined social etiquette and share exciting experiences with wonderful companions, illuminating your life’s path.

Come, and become part of the exclusive social salon experience.

Mari Cecilia

Head Organiser

Elegance Producer

Events and Lessons

High-end events, sophisticated cultural social gatherings and royal cultural experience tours with graceful members and noble experiences.

Private lessons in the finest courses in elegance social etiquette and protocol from the British finishing schools to polish your elegance.

What is Salon Élégance de Cecilia?

Salon Élégance de Cecilia is the best modern and stylish social club in Tokyo. Members who appreciate elegance and refinement can enjoy acquiring refinement and socializing.

Refine your elegance to the level of celebrities

Refine your manners and cultivate sophistication through elegance lessons, designed to enhance your etiquette and cultural awareness, enhancing your mind and elevating your overall quality of living.

Experience the allure of our elegant social salon

Indulge in the company of sophisticated companions and nurture your values and sense of style through exclusive wine tastings, exquisite dining experiences, enriching cultural endeavors, captivating art exhibitions, enchanting music performances, glamorous social gatherings, and high-end excursions.

Salon Élégance de Cecilia


Experience the pleasure of an elegant fellowship.


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